7 day challenge #WorldWatercolorGroup Day 7


This is my last day for the 7 day challenge with the WorldWaterColorGroup. I set out at the beginning to do a portrait every day inspired by cutouts from magazines or newspapers with one exception : today. This final one is a painting I did last year. As I was finishing this portrait it reminded me of the famous painting  “Aristide Bruant” by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, obviously just the scarf and the hat were the link…

I found this experience of daily painting very uplifting. I limited the size of each portrait by using my sketchbook with a maximum spread when both pages used of 26cm(10″)by 21cm(8″). Because of the relatively small size of each painting, it was feasible to sketch daily time wise. I enjoyed all the feedback and felt really part of a great community of artists family and friends. Big thank you to everyone for you support !



7 day challenge #WorldWatercolorGroup day 5


I found a  black and white picture of the actress Carol Bouquet. I particularly liked her  posture and the light shining onto her face. I really enjoy this challenge as it makes me paint everyday. I feel very much motivated because of the daily deadline on Facebook. It is challenging though because when I start painting I am never sure of the result…