About Agnès McLaughlin

Agnès McLaughlin

Cannes , France

I am a self taught artist who learnt painting techniques attending many art classes and workshops. I like to spend as much time as possible drawing and painting as I believe that practice is the key to a successful and rewarding life as an artist.

In the past I used a lot of mixed media techniques to make colourful collages (see my website http://www.mclaughlinagnes.com). Nowadays I am really excited using mainly watercolours, pen and ink as well as digital painting techniques in my art.

Sketching is part of this practice and as I travel a lot between France and the UK, I can continue painting on the go with very little equipment.

2016 is the start of posting this sketching adventure …

Here is the article published online in November 2016 about my journey as an artist sketching with watercolours :