Being bold about going bald


Four mini portraits from an article in the newspaper about going bald.  …Being bold and proud about being bald is very much trendy!

Good boy!


From my sketchbook another interesting character with her dog , done with 8B pencil.This was taken from an advert for pet insurance…

Oyster with pearl

1516807748263This oyster was created from a painting of an old piece of wood. I was invited by an  artist friend to a painting class which took place in a very beautiful Hampshire (UK) village in the countryside.

The theme of the morning was to paint a piece of wood placed on a table in the middle of the room and every artist present could choose in which medium to paint the proposed still life. I chose watercolours.At the end of the session, I had a good look at the result and liked the colours but not the overall painting.I turned it upside down and suddenly I could see the shape of an oyster appearing… That was it …several hours later the oyster and its pearl were replacing the not so inspiring chunk of wood !