Town hall Le Cannet

I had much fun with colours with this glorious building. I used watercolours and ink. This is part of my ongoing painting series on Le Cannet where I go on a regular basis, to the art centre within the old village.

Mixed media little miss

Inspired by a pencil artist Sharon Holmberg on Facebook, I decided to paint a doll like little girl but with watercolour and pencil and added some collage for the rose…I like the vintage look and the cute big eyes …

Mixed media whimsical girl


I recently was given a lovely present well wrapped up. I immediately thought of using the wonderful wrapping paper to create a garment for one of my mixed media whimsical girls. Here is the result… with the green leaves pattern of this beautiful shiny paper..

I used watercolours and inks for the outline and for the background.

Le Cannet : Le mur des amoureux de Raymond Peynet


I have started a series of watercolour paintings this Summer about the small village of Le Cannet North of Cannes. I go there on a  regular basis and enjoy very much working with a theme.

This painting is inspired by a very famous fresco done on the façade of an old house in 1990 by the illustrator Raymond Peynet and the painter Guy Ceppa .

“Le mur des amoureux” (the wall of lovers”) has become an inevitable stop for newly-weds, a symbol of joy representing a united couple flying over the Garden of Eden.