Peacock in the night

Paon and tree watermarked

A mysterious peacock seems to dominate this moonlit scene…the tree itself is wondering why that beautiful bird decided to rest on one of its branches. It is probably the beginning of a fairytale….



Butterfly and angel

butterfly and angel watermarked

The butterfly with its magnificent and yet short life, reminds us to enjoy the here and now.

I certainly enjoyed painting it. When I started to do the layers for the background, I saw the shape of and angel playing the trumpet appearing in the upper left hand corner. I accentuated its contour with watercolour crayons and added a few stars… Christmas is in the air !


Blue green Dragonfly

Blue Libellulewatermarked

Dragonflies start to grow in water and then move into the air and fly. I like very much the symbolism of this insect .It represents metamorphosis and transformation. It could symbolise changes needed in our life in order to reach our full potential.  On the more mundane level, I used watercolours and inks to achieve the shimmering aspect on the wings and body. The change here is about using mixed media and not just watercolour…the start of a new adventure.

Autumnal wreath on a wooden panel

wreath with watermark

Soon people will start to hang beautiful wreaths outside their entrance door to welcome the advent season. Time for me to do the same by painting one.

I liked particularly the colours of  this Autumnal wreath taken from a reference photo and chose to use them plus a bit of crimson to paint the wood panel behind. I put some gesso onto the watercolour paper to obtain the wood grain effect and applied several layers of watercolour washes . I originally thought of putting in the middle something Christmassy like a snowman but after second thoughts, the contrast of the sleek leaves with the grainy wood looked interesting enough and it would have been to heavy to add something else. So here you are …. a simple wreath of golden leaves on a wood panel.

Xmas tree angel

fir tree angel

While I was applying different washes on some watercolour  paper and without preliminary drawing, I could see the outline of an angel appearing through the layers. So to make it more readable I emphasized its contour by painting it negatively .Then all I had to do was to add the branches of a fir tree and a bauble to finish off the Xmas theme. I like the somewhat stylized shape of this angel which makes it special and different from the traditional looking ones..

Autumnal mix

Autumnal melimelo

I had great fun painting this semi abstract mixture of  Autumn leaves. I used a lot the negative painting technique. Marina from the Hangar Art Centre gave me one of the pictures she had to work on. Autumn leaves was the theme of the day. I started with an outline of some of the leaves and then I just made up the others without planning… The end result is completely different from the picture..and I hope you like it !