Beauty and the beast : My version

La belle et la bête

This is my interpretation of  “Beauty and the beast”. I particularly loved to do the beast out of my imagination. I feel sorry for the creature and it is repulsive enough but not frightening…. just the right combination for the story.


Iris girl


Gardens are full of beautiful irises at the moment and this had to be the inspiration for my new creation. I started by outlining the girl with graphite and with tranfer paper. I tried to match the shape of an iris with the body of the model…Once satisfied with the overall result, I painted the flower and added some leaves for the skirt and onto the shoes. I used watercolour and ink for the background.

Physalis fairy and how to take care of it


I created this painting with the idea of using a plant called physalis for inspiration. I thought the shape of the fruit with its cocoon were very striking to start designing an outfit.

After several attempts on drawing paper, I came up with the idea of a fairy creature with pointy ears and wings using watercolour and acrylics for the background.

As for how to get the real plant here are a few steps :

Planting and sowing physalis

Physalis is planted indifferently in Autumn or in Spring.

  • If your region is known for the cold of its winter, best plant in spring.
  • Physalis loves growing in full sun but not if it’s too warm.

You can find physalis planted in shrub or flower beds, in pots and also in the vegetable patch.

Indian girl

1551821150492I started drawing this girl with her hair and then  her face and out of my imagination, I saw an Indian girl appearing. I accentuated her looks  by painting a red dot on her forehead and used dark skin tones for her face. I left the garment flowing as it could be interpreted as a silk gown. I decided on an Indian inspired patterned background.

Woman with yellow flowers


I went along this week to an open painting afternoon with other artists where you bring your own art material and paint what you want . I realized once there I had forgotten in my stash to bring some pencils and I wanted to paint that girl  from a reference photo.Well I thought instead of asking for a pencil I would challenge myself to draw with the paint. It was a liberating experience as I realized you can easily erase your line if you keep your paint very watery and faint. The other advantage is a gain of time!  I managed to do the whole painting in one session!