Exposition du 23 juillet au 7 août 2022 Office tourisme Cabris

I was invited by the Office of Tourism of Cabris to show my digital painting series that I had shared on Facebook .I was very honoured to be approached
officially and given such a great opportunity to show my most recent work.

I will be delighted to meet people from Cabris and all the visitors who will be coming to stay in this glorious environment for their holidays.

I feel excited and very privilege to be given such a chance !



Preparing my exhibition for the 23rd July to 7th August in Cabris on the French Riviera.The goat is the symbol/meaning of Cabris and I made a digital version to welcome my future visitors.I will present also a whole series of paintings of the village Cabris and more exciting art creations…

Elephant digital painting

Magnificent elephant with a digital makeover. I am totally fascinated by the choice of colours and textures you can get with digital painting.I find it so rewarding and totally addictive.I spend a lot of time these days with my iPad and apple pencil .I have started to fill my walls with beautiful digital art..a new direction into my art journey!

Spring hare

I love mixing different styles with digital painting. This time the flowers are stylised but the hare is closer to a more realistic rendition.

I am using Infinite painter for this one but I often use Procreate for the final tweaking/colour contrast adjustement.