African blue dress



I did the portrait of this beautiful African woman wearing a blue dress using gouache and acrylic. I painted the pattern of the dress in a more subtil manner to keep the focus on the gentil and attractive face.


Inspired by a doll


A doll is the subject of my mixed media painting today. I love  her fancy hair and attitude. I  painted my own version of a doll using paper collage to dress her up. Gesso added texture to the background.I kept a limited palette to unify all the different elements.

Baby bubble bath


I used lots of different techniques to achieve the bubble bath effect.

The baby was painted with gouache and the rest was made with different paints and gesso, plus the bathroom wall was done with washi tape and acrylic. I loved the fact that the chubby baby had only one tooth. I worked with 5 photo references and created a new scene. Super playful !