The fruit shop in Valbonne


This is a very colourful fruit shop we have in the village and I noticed people always stop to have a chat even if the don’t buy anything. Just one of these meeting points for friends and an excuse to stop and get the latest gossips…


I had a great time this morning at the English book Centre in Valbonne


Thanks to Lin Wolf from the English Book Centre, I was “the artist in residence”at the shop this morning, in Valbonne village. As it was market day, and in spite of a chilly feel, lots of passers-by came to see me and gave me  lovely comments on my paintings. One of them told me that the pictures reminded her of good times spent with her family in Valbonne.

For me the great satisfaction in painting is to be able to trigger a positive emotional response in people. I am so thankful when it happens!


Humans and beasts in Mougins


There is an exhibition of sculptures in the streets of Mougins at the moment with the theme “humans and beasts”. This rhinoceros is welcoming you next to the church! I thought the plane tree is as beautiful as a modern sculpture especially when the sun casts its striking shadow onto a wall.