Mistinguette- Moulin rouge – Paris


Inspired by a black and white vintage photo from “the Roaring  Twenties “, I decided to make a colourful portrait and name it “Mistinguett”.

Starting in 1907, Mistinguette dropped the final ‘e’ and became Mistinguett ‘the woman with the divine legs.’ She performed the Apache Dance with Max Dearly in 1909 and then both created spectacular revues one after another for almost 30 years, with feathers, tinsel, glitter and chorus girls and boys. A concept which still rules at the Moulin Rouge!

Am I becoming potty?





Rest assured that I am not becoming potty…what I mean is : I painted recently 2 pictures about pottery :

The first one is about 2 charming “potty”characters on a stall which caught my eye during “le marché potier”held in Antibes last Summer.

The second one was painted during a watercolour class with Marina who brought an old basket and filled it with earthenware.( http://aquarellista.blogspot.fr/).

Odiham village Hampshire


This is a very quaint village in Hampshire where I like to go to check a good art gallery with always on display, an interesting selection of watercolours from local artists. This particular house is right at the centre of the village opposite the church. I did not paint all the cars parked outside as they would have dampened somehow the vintage atmosphere of the scene.

Oscar Wilde


While in the train I sketched this picture of Oscar Wilde, subject of an exhibition in Paris which starts this month at the Petit Palais. The opportunity to draw with a black ink pen and create a lot of textures with different marks was very appealing.Also I quoted one of his best aphorisms which for me was very much representative to his character.


A perfect French scene…


We were having coffee at “chez Christine” in Provence and a friend who joined us said : “look Agnès, wouldn’t that be a perfect scene for your sketches with two symbols of French country life, the 2CV and a cyclist in one go!” “Yes of course” I replied, all is missing is someone appearing with a baguette and wearing a béret !