Beautiful shiny hair

This mixed media girl was done on Sennelier drawing paper using pastels , pencils and gouache.I did not feel the need to add a background this time because it would have made the painting too busy. Her beautiful hair was what attracted me in the first place.


Our Elders

Let’s not forget our elders even if we can’t visit them in this period of confinement.A phone call away is better than nothing at all and total isolation…This portrait makes me think of the Queen (no intention in the making though) and especially today….we hope that her son Prince Charles will recover from the covid19 virus and wish her to remain strong and safe.

Brown shopping bag portrait drawing

I was running out of watercolour paper and I could not wait to get some as I was away from my usual supply shop. So the solution was to use a brown shopping bag and start drawing with my pastel pencils which I happened to have with me….I like the fact that the mid tone values were already there so it was a new way for me to draw ..Out of lack comes discovery…The reference picture was on my mobile phone so no excuse for not drawing!

Russian rose

This portrait was done with the traditional Russian folklore art in mind.I used mixed media and a bit of collage to finish off the frame of this painting.The reference photo of this very pretty woman was given to me by a friend and I asked permission to use it and publish my interpretation on line.