Tomorrow afternoon at The English Book Center in Valbonne


I will be sketching outside the English Book Centre in Valbonne tomorrow in the afternoon after 3pm.I had fun with sketchbookpro meshing two  different pictures to make me appear in front of the shop on a sunny day. Let’s hope tomorrow’s weather will be as good as today’s. See you then!


Good old days in Provence


This old couple  comes from my collection of santons which are traditional art dolls from Provence.The man reads the Provençal newspaper. I particularly like these two because they look very contended, sitting  on a bench in the sunshine, enjoying a simple life.


Crazy paving patio.

Art cupboard

I like very much the pattern created by the crazy paving of terraces especially in the sunshine. This one is a prolongation of a very small room at the end of a terrace and the small window allows the light to come through.


The toyshop in Valbonne

La malle à jouets

This painting was commissioned by a Mum who wanted to have a watercolour of the toyshop  to keep  as a souvenir of her happy time in Valbonne and for her children to have it on their bedroom wall.


Three colourful chickens


Multicoloured chickens? Why not…


Market scene in Valbonne


Some people are just resting sitting on the stone wall and enjoy the sunshine  before resuming their shopping.


Easter pottery market in le Lubéron


There is every year a fantastic pottery market in the gorgeous village of Bonnieux in the Lubéron region made famous by the author Peter Mayle in “a Year in Provence” .

This market takes place annually during Easter weekend, and my husband and I love to return to it as the potteries shown are amazing in quality and truly inspiring as works of art. This year, this lovely little lady caught my eye and she is cycling though not on an electric bike !