Quebec City, Château Frontenac


During my recent holidays in Quebec, I visited the glorious Quebec city which is a real jewel with wonderful architecture and grand views and parks. Although several of Quebec City’s buildings are taller, the landmark hotel “château Frontenac” is perched atop a tall cape overlooking the Saint Laurent River affording a spectacular view for several kilometers. The building is the most prominent feature of the Quebec City skyline as seen from across the Saint Laurent. I took a picture of the whole building without too many people crossing the park. I just left 2 tourists on the right to invite you into the scene…


Juice box

Juice box

This “Juice box” is a small business run by a young woman selling fresh fruit juice around Cannes and Nice. This picture is a commission from one of her relatives as a present. I hope I captured the joyful energy of this young lady offering a fruit juice to a cute little girl ! I am known to do paintings of old vintage car so this commission was very much in my comfort zone. I was very keen to  paint such a beautifully renovated vintage French van !