Happy Easter


Little chicks hatching. I can’t think of a better symbol for new life and cheerfulness which are for me what Easter is about. I wish you a great celebration and for the young and not so young a succesful egg hunt!


Aperitif in Lourmarin, Provence

1522168814213I was in Lourmarin in Provence on Sunday going to  “the Carnet de Provence show” with 45 artists presenting their wonderful illustrated journals with mixed media and watercolour. What a treat to meet all these very talented international artists and their fabulous work. I met my Facebook friend Christian Couteau and enjoyed the fact that at last I could look at his carnets de voyage and meet in person the great artist !

I returned from this show so uplifted  that I hought the best way to keep a souvenir from this great outing was to make my own illustrated page on a journal that I made myself with quality watercolour paper and hand sown pages too.

I chose Lourmarin castle and a bottle of pastis as a symbol of the good life in Provence..Cheers !


Cagnes-sur-Mer : along the cycle track

Cyclists Cagnes sur Mer

This is one of our favourite cycle tracks along la Côte d’Azur, from Antibes to Nice “Promenade des Anglais”. Here are cyclists stopped at Cagnes-sur-Mer in front of the boat which is permanently anchored on the beach . I changed its name and colour to make it more sunny as the weather was particularly beautiful and clear that day. Yes even in late Winter you can enjoy a great outdoor life. All you need is to wrap up well!

Semi-abstract stormy landscape

Semi abstract landscape

Stormy semi-abstract landscape with a lot of vertical and horizontal lines. I used masking tape to obtain the crisp aspect of the design. I usually do representational paintings but this one was an experiment and the result is to my liking. I will try again this technique with the appearance of lines and strong contrats.

Visitors to the gallery In the Old Town part of Antibes 19 bis rue St Esprit

Marina Kulik  (www.marinakulik.com) came to visit the gallery yesterday and as a watercolour teacher at the Hangar art centre (www.hangarart.org) she looked at my watercolours with her expert eyes to my great pleasure and gave me nice feedback ! Two more friends came at the same time and we had a relaxing cup of tea…What a great afternoon ! Walking to the gallery along the ramparts with magnificent views and sunny weather was fabulous… Please do come and visit the exhibition still open Monday to Friday from 3pm to 5pm up till the 16th March. Furthermore, I will attend the gallery (see map below) next week on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th same time and I will bring my watercolour sketching set to paint there in the company of Annette Von Borstel the artist and gallery owner. Hope to see you soon and thank you for your support !

Marina at the gallery export3 happy girls in the gallery export

Map Old Antibes jpeg

Doodle “under water”


I played with blobs of watercolour placed randomly  on the paper. Turning around the page I saw the shape of a sea horse in between watercolour stains. With an ink pen and a bit of imagination… a whole under water world with different creatures appeared to give some company to this sea horse !

Exhibition night in Antibes

exhibition1 version screenshotexhibition2 version screenshot

Last night in Antibes, the artists ready for the opening of the exhibition (me, Don, Annette , Lui Ho) and later people looking at my watercolours in the folder.

Towards the end of the evening all of a sudden lots of people arrived at the gallery and the atmosphere was great and festive in spite of not so good weather conditions outside.

For those who could not make it last night, the exhibition is on for 2 weeks and the gallery remains open from 3pm till 5pm Monday to Friday up till the 16th March.

Thank you for all those who came !