A man and his horse watercolour and pencil sketch

Man and horse

A watercolour and pencil drawing from my sketchbook. I found an interesting quote about horses on the internet from an unknown author which illustrated perfectly my little sketch : “The earth would be nothing without the people but the man would be nothing without the horse”


My little poney

My little poney

I did this little poney on a piece of paper which was my test paper for colours before painting. I loved the random colour combination and I saw  the shape of a horse/poney  in one of the blobs. I used a pen to outline what I was seeing and gave some movement in the treatment of the line…my little poney was  born…

Scottish visitors

Highland cow

Our friends from Scotland are coming to visit us which reminds me of the Scottish wilderness …its magnificent landscapes and the famous Highland cows . They are probably Scotland’s most iconic creatures as they are so amazing and impressive. After the wee and cute Easter chicks I did in my previous post, I just wanted to paint something radically different in my sketchbook and here it is…..