The green man #WorldWatercolourMonth – July 2016


I was visiting Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh in Scotland where I saw many carvings of the Green Man. This Chapel became famous after featuring in The Da Vinci Code film. The beauty of its settings and the mysterious symbolism of its stonework have attracted, inspired and intrigued artists and visitors ever since.


Café Latin Valbonne #WorldWatercolour



This is a very popular café overlooking the old Valbonne village.It used to be a meeting venue for the international women s club. Now it is still a magnet for people to meet up, especially at lunch time for business people working in Sophia near by, the sillicon valley of the South of France.

I have just joined on Facebook  an on line watercolour group which will promote the use of watercolour throughout the month of July. #WorldWatercolour. This group aims to inspire people to paint with watercolours while raising  awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world.