Fashion flower


Extravagant hat

This hat was created with a specific shape in mind .I wanted it to be heavy on the right hand side to counter balance the effect of the dress touching the left hand corner.I kept the same colour scheme for cohesion and hopefully achieved a striking look for this mixed media portrait!

Iconic beauty

Today, VE day ,I post this mixed media girl which reminds me a little bit of the fashion in the 1940’s… particularly the head scarf. I did not have a definite plan when I started this project but I wanted to create a dress with a beautiful washi paper that was gifted to me plus a different tissue paper for the scarf. I painted over both papers to create texture and colour. Pastels crayons and acrylics plus collage made this painting a real mixed media girl. Gold gives an iconic feel to this project.

Wild within

This came as a reflection of the need to go within to go through tough times. The lockdown is putting us into an inward mood which allows us to get in touch with our deeper self, the untamed, the wiser intuitive self. This women made me think of a shaman who sees beyond the ordinary reality and wears extraordinary outfit to recover her wild self.