Delphine is another stump doll with curly hair and a beautiful hat adorned with 2 buttons.

For this kind of doll, it is necessary to put a weight at the base.I make a small bag which I fill with rice and place it inside at the bottom of the doll.

Delphine is a name given after the blue tall flower called Delphinium.


On time with Eleanor

This doll called Eleanor is the time keeper. For her posture she needed to be sitting down and the clock looked like the ideal chair and inspiration for the title …Her costume was made totally intuitively  and became a figure from Elisabethan era. I made her hat scrunching up the soft material used for her flounce .I added a black brooch to her hat which made me think of the shape of a feather. Her shoes are made of black suede material with buckles/buttons with matching colours. Her trousers are very light made from a black silk scarf.

When I started this doll, I did not know it would become a historical figure. The doll has a life of its own !

Spot and ficelle

Ficelle which means string in French, is a new kind of soft doll for me, made of wire and wrapped around fabric and threads. The advantage of this technique is you can give any posture to your doll and have a story with it.

The dog called spot is just made of white fabric with black dots done with a black marker. These two seem to be getting along very well, don’t you think?