Squirrel eating hazelnuts

I added a few hazelnuts to the painting as only one hazelnut looked a bit mean.

I drew them on a separate piece of paper with wax pencils and cut them out, glued them onto the picture.

The squirrel was done with rice paper painted with different warm colours before being torn and applied to the canvas board.


“Friendly debate”

When I started this collage painting, I was really having fun imagining what these two cute pigs could be saying. In the process of gluing them with tissue paper I went to buy some bread waiting for them to dry. I was thrilled to take home a baguette wrapped in a magnificent an colourful stripped paper.I immediately saw it as part of my collage…there it is bright and perfect as a pen for pigs or as a theatre set similar to Punch and Judy!

Koala bear

We all remember these tragic images of rescued koalas from the fire in the Australian forest last Summer…Lots of them ended up in animal sanctuaries.. Let’s hope they will recover and will be still part of the Australian beautiful wild life!

Collage and mixed media painting on canvas board.