Happy new year !


Have a great celebration tonight and a very happy new year 2019 !



Mixed media girl


I received for Xmas lots of mixed media art presents… I played with them straight away like a child full of excitment with its new toy…The result after many layers of different types of  paint  is  a rather beady eyed wood fairy girl….more to come in this new style.

Scotland Loch Lomond


Although it is most likely snowing in Scotland now, I keep a warm memory of the Summer there around Loch Lomond .I did not take the seaplane  but watched it landing on water…This sketch was done with brushpen and gouache. The reflection of the plane and people in the water are my point of interest.

What a laugh!


This joyful picture from a magazine attracted my attention. It was a black and white photo so I made up the colours and background using gouache and brushpen. A good exercise concentrating on tonal values. Plus the happy face shows excitment for this approaching festive season.