Two Rams in the mountains

These two rams seem very close like good friends. I had to think of a dark background for the paler one and a light background for the colourful one. So the mountains came handy as a dark contrast and the sky as a light contrast, all in one picture.

I did the collage of the two rams before the background so I could obtain the right result for the light and dark values

Two Toucans having a great conversation

These two creatures are having a great conversation. Their colourful brilliance is actually smartly designed camouflage for the rainforest allowing them to hide amongst the South American plants. I had great fun with colours and textures and quite the opposite effect is obtained…these two really stand out !

Duck family collage

I present you today a little duck family in my collage collection of cute animals. I find the colours in animals so inspiring. I add my personal touch keeping my imagination going looking for bits of paper to match more or less the reference picture… I always end up with something quite different!

Puffins mixed media collage

These amazing birds are a work of art with their fabulous colours. A great subject for a mixed media collage. Puffins breed in large colonies  on coastal cliffs or offshore islands, nesting in crevices among rocks or in burrows in the soil. I used a mixture of different papers to do the rocks in the foreground adding a lot of texture to the painting.

Thinking beauty

To continue this series of mixed-media girls with tattoos, I had to buy 1 particular pencil from the polychromos Faber Castell range to get that very specific blue that you often see on tattoos, namely, dark indigo. As these pencils are quite expensive it is great to buy them individually if you happen to have a small standard set.