Elephant digital painting

Magnificent elephant with a digital makeover. I am totally fascinated by the choice of colours and textures you can get with digital painting.I find it so rewarding and totally addictive.I spend a lot of time these days with my iPad and apple pencil .I have started to fill my walls with beautiful digital art..a new direction into my art journey!

Spring hare

I love mixing different styles with digital painting. This time the flowers are stylised but the hare is closer to a more realistic rendition.

I am using Infinite painter for this one but I often use Procreate for the final tweaking/colour contrast adjustement.

Flower bouquet

A lovely bouquet brought by a friend became a source of inspiration for a digital painting. I kept using simplified shapes making sure that the shadows within each flower were painted as shapes too. I loved so much the colours that I took a number of pictures to have different angles and points of view to decide on the best possible impact to base my painting.I used the natural light and kept the warm glow.The vase is one of these cut crystal ones with interesting reflections on the shaded area.

Digital bunny

Playing with scale and proportions this giant rabbit looks totally at ease in this winter landscape.

I really enjoy the freedom of digital painting to try out different scenarios and change backgrounds with ease.I used the app infinite.painter for this painting.