Cottage in Odiham Hampshire England


Plein air sketching this morning in the delightful village of Odiham in Hampshire with some members of the Alton Art Society. We gatherered this morning at the centre of the village and after a tour of the alleys and the beautiful country lanes,we decided to start painting in front of a chosen subject. I noticed this very old cottage at the back of the church and set my folding chair to sketch it  in my open sketchbook . I was accompanied by a gentleman artist who decided to do just the drawing of this quite complex subject.

I finished the whole painting in 2 and a half hours and joined the others in the local pub for a chat before leaving. The weather was overcast and I took some artistic licence to put more light. What a great morning spent with very nice people!



So cute !

So cute

Watercolour and gouache portraits on a unified background. I like to use different subjects to paint and make them appear on a double page as a whole. I try to incorporate elements of design to give a sense of balance to the recto/verso spread of my watercolour sketchbook.

Summer holidays


Sketched rabbit onto a prepared background and a bit of collage …The long Summer holidays have started for the French kids. Parents know only too well that inevitable expression “I am bored” but in fact boredom enhances creativity so it is not all that negative !

It is time for children to run around (preferably not at home) but in fields or parks or gardens instead of staying  in front of a computer or TV….


Watercolour Brush and bottle

bottle and brush

This painting was the result of a watercolour challenge proposed by Cathie Van Der Stel from the Hangar  Art Centre . You can find the original photograph and the different  interpretation on the  French Riviera Art Facebook page.

Transparency and water movement are always tricky and I decided to tackle both without the help of masking fluid to reserve the whites : the technique consists of leaving the white from the paper and paint around it.

Antibes beach end of June

Antibes beach end of June

I went this morning to my favourite beach in Antibes and sketched people in front of me.

I follow a strategy to go to the beach there :

  • I go early because it is easier to find a parking space
  • There are less people early and it is not so hot
  • I always carry a parasol because as I like sketching I could not do it with a glaring light. Shade is essential not just for the skin!
  • I always swim to cool down and coming out of the water  I “de-salt”myself with the showers conveniently built on the beach
  • I leave the beach mid morning to avoid the heat and the crowd coming in.