Coffee grinder


I love the smell of fresh coffee beans being ground in an old coffee grinder like this one which reminds me of my childhood.

The appeal for this subject was to have different textures made with watercolour techniques like stipling for the ground coffee and the effect of old metal with its reflective characteristic.

The buzz in Valbonne in the early Spring

café des arcades

The Place Des Arcades in Valbonne Village is buzzing with people having a good time and enjoying the unbroken sunshine. This scene is from the terrace of the Café Des Arcades representing the buzz in the village in an early Spring weekend. You can almost hear the sound of people chatting and enjoying themselves. Not only a sunny spot to sit and have a meal or a drink, this place is a major meeting point for all the Valbonnais and the visiting tourists all year round.



Light and flowers are very much the theme at the moment with the beginning of spring.

I used salt to give a sparkling effect at the top right hand side just to give more shine in the picture. Daffodils are great for their graphic contour and I like the sharpness of their forms.



Magnolia trees are blossoming everywhere at the moment. It is a joy to see them every spring. I chose to do a very strong coloured background to give more depth to the picture.These flowers are very solid looking and they last for a long time for our greater pleasure. They are supposed to have a lemony scent but when you approach them, it is not really what comes first….

Still life with fruit and bird

pear bird nutcracker still life updated

Just a few bits and pieces from the kitchen and my lovely little ceramic bird which is called an ocarina with which you can play tunes (hence the holes). I set this still life on a kitchen towel next to the window for maximum light.I showed my painting to Marina Kulik who is the watercolour teacher at the Hangar art centre (near Grasse) and she advised me to put more purple colours into the shadows for a greater impact and the result is that the objects certainly stand out…..Very effective… Thanks Marina !