What a laugh!


This joyful picture from a magazine attracted my attention. It was a black and white photo so I made up the colours and background using gouache and brushpen. A good exercise concentrating on tonal values. Plus the happy face shows excitment for this approaching festive season.


Going with the flow


This beautiful mermaid was inspired by a stained glass window.I transformed it to be more fleshy and I deliberately  accentuated her round shape to give a sense of sensual and very feminine movement. A very watery theme definately yin.

I used gouache and gesso on watercolour paper.

Angel of sadness

1541840230694I went this week to the funeral of a relative. It was taking place in the famous Paris cemetery Le Père Lachaise. It was a very sad day with rain and low sky. We were crying for the loss of a wonderful man who died abrubtly and too young. My heart still aches…This little angel done with brushpen and gouache  helps me somehow in the grieving process…

Deep in thought


This painting is all about shapes and colour. I drew two characters to start within a frame, enhanced  by doodling and elements of design. In the end after many layers of gouache and some application of watercolour crayons, I tried   to achieve balance and harmony. When the face were drawn towards the end of my process I saw the women on the right looking moody and lost in thought hence the title!