Cloth doll Presence

My first attempt in making an art doll…so pleased with the result! This one is called Presence …Made with bits of recycled material and rubans…I was given as a Xmas present  the book from Jan Horrox on how to make cloth dolls…Well written and great explanations…plus  help from wonderful and generous artists sharing their skills on You tube…This is a break from my mixed media paintings but still a very creative and rewarding activity !

Polar bears

These days the climate has been so warm that the ice cap is probably melting even more rapidly … great concern for the polar bears…

The challenge with the “colour” white is to actually depict it with colours keeping the balance and contrast of the white fur against a white icy background.

The mother is very watchful while the cub is curious of everything!

“Friendly debate”

When I started this collage painting, I was really having fun imagining what these two cute pigs could be saying. In the process of gluing them with tissue paper I went to buy some bread waiting for them to dry. I was thrilled to take home a baguette wrapped in a magnificent an colourful stripped paper.I immediately saw it as part of my collage…there it is bright and perfect as a pen for pigs or as a theatre set similar to Punch and Judy!