Swiss chalet

grinderwald chalet

I was invited to stay in that wonderful chalet in Switzerland this week. It was a real treat !


Watercolour Bouddha : a zen post

Sans titre128

I’d like to think that this Bouddha brings calmness and relaxation just by looking at it…


Butterfly on a buddleia


I found this lovely butterfly the other day on a buddleia and took quickly a snapshot of it before it flew off. I had never seen one like that before. I painted it this afternoon at the Hangar ( during a very zen afternoon spent with a small group of people.


Antibes old town on the French Riviera


Until September the 18th, Antibes old town is invaded by 19 monumental sculptures of Nicolas Lavarenne.
Plunging from the ramparts above the sea, the bronze sculpted figures, perched on their stilts, are totally integrated into the landscape. I chose to paint these 2 sculptures together for a more interesting composition.