Getting ready for the Urban Sketching exhibition on Friday in Antibes old town

hanging pictures

This morning  I was hanging pictures on the wall with Don Blaisdell in Annette Von Borstal beautiful gallery in the old part of town in Antibes..  Getting ready for Friday’s Urban sketching exhibition….So exciting!

(Please check my previous post for more details).


You and Me

Cat and dog

This is a watercolour done with the Valentine theme in mind from last week.

The challenge was the rendering of the soft fur and the expression of affection. I am pleased with the result as these two look very cuddly and  fluffy. I miss my two cats long gone and painting a cat is always an emotional act of remembrance. Dogs are lovely too but I am more “a cat person” !

Shiny brass door knocker.

door knocker2

A lot of door knockers are made from brass. Some are iron. Brass is a very special metal. It has a golden lustre when polished and expresses wealth, a friendly glow and a welcoming feel. I painted this one which was very shiny and I liked particularly the contrast of the smooth hand and the uneven and textured antique wooden door. I just used watercolours on Arches paper.



Miss Mimosa from the French Riviera

miss mimosa

Mimosa is dominating our landscape at this time of the year. Lots of public celebrations with the mimosa theme are taking place everywhere in this part of the world. I have decided that this painting would be dedicated to the glorious mimosa colour and its amazing blossom. You will notice that  even the costume is garnished with mimosa.

Narcissus from the garden.


These narcissus starting to appear everywhere in the garden and are the sign of early spring. I love the challenge of painting white flowers as it is always recommended to leave as much white as possible from the paper. Painting the “colour” white with watercolours means  not painting at all….