Miss Poppy

My latest doll is enjoying the Winter sunshine and is joining the poppies appearing everywhere at the moment!

I enjoyed using beautiful golden buttons given to me for the joints. I used blue shiny beads for the corset and the bow in her hair.!Just playing and having fun in the middle of confinement for our region….

2 fairy sisters

These 2 are done with the same pattern but with different outfits and type of wings.

Added to my growing collection of cloth dolls…there is so much to do and experiment with different fabric and techniques. In the meantime some of them are going to fly off to family members and friends!

Little fairy doll “Flora”

As I am still learning how to make cloth dolls. I decided to do a smaller one (around 25cm..). I realised it is as much work as the 43cm ones ..This one looks like a flower hence her name Flora. I decided to give her a name at the end of completion. I found it comes naturally by just looking at her. I used material that I had in my cupboards except for the one for the skin which I had to buy .