The ice cream shop in Valbonne

Le glacierThis painting was a commission to remember happy times spent with kids enjoying ice creams.I was thrilled to learn that it was going to Singapore. I too love homemade ice cream it is so good!

I decided to try to make some at home for fun.I managed to produce a delicious mint and chocolate ice cream which according to my  husband was as good as the one from the shop! You don’ t need to have an ice cream maker to get good results :

choose a receipe that you like and all you need to do when the ice cream is about to solidify is to take it out of the freezer for a few minutes, use a fork and rake it to stop the cristallisation for a smooth result. Voilà! 



I was happily painting yesterday when…


….a whole group of 10 to 15 people from Cannes came to see me while sitting in front of the English Book Centre in Valbonne. They happened to be watercolour painters coming to the village to do some sketching too. They said I was a very good subject to paint so they took pictures of me ! A bit further along from the bookshop was another stall as it was market day, and the man there commented jokingly “hey..she is a star”. A bit of film festival flavour…

Pot of roses

Pullman Orient Express

A friend of mine gave me this beautiful pot of roses to be planted in my garden.I did this sketch including the name of the rose written on the tag. I thought it would make an interesting visual addition to the painting. I can’t share the smell but it is lovely !