Is using an electric bike cheating ?


I bought an electric bike a few months ago and I noticed that while cycling along the path between Antibes and Nice (French Riviera), some people made funny comments as I passed them by  : “this is cheating…..this one is slow …must have run out of juice”. I would not get any attention if I cycled an ordinary bike for sure !



Jane Austen’s library

Chawton Library1.jpgNext to  Chawton’s church you find the library where the  Knight Collection was put together over generations, and books in this collection date from the early 1500s. The majority of the collection dates from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

At one time, this collection was owned by Jane Austen’s brother Edward, who was adopted into the Knight family, and as such it was a library known to and used by Jane Austen herself.

Jane Austen’s county

Chawton 's church.jpeg

This is the Church in Hampshire (UK) where the famous writer Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice) used to attend. It is in a small village called Chawton just outside the main market town of Alton. I walked there in December and the weather was just brightening up and managed to get some shadows.

Her Mum and sister are buried  just behind the Church.


With the new year starting , the time to make new resolutions has arrived….

I have decided to sketch on a regular basis and post my drawings and paintings.  I feel that by sharing my own creative journey, I will be more motivated to grow as an artist and at the same time, I am hoping to  inspire others to do the same…


I was last month in Paris and my sketches are shown above : Notre Dame, a metro station, the Sénat, a street corner.

My new blog about sketching