Big hug for Valentine weekend


We hope that by now, you have all been to our wonderful ‘Quel Cirque’ exhibition in Valbonne next to the church, open every day from 10.30am – 6pm until and including Sunday 14th February!

If you go, don’t forget to cast your vote on your favourite artwork, as we are going to announce officially the public price winner on Sunday 14th February around 4 pm, during the “Finissage” – for which you are cordially invited!

From around 2.30 pm we will have drinks and nibbles – and maybe a Valentine-discount here and there- to celebrate a very successful Exhibition…


Chapelle Saint-Roch Valbonne

chapelle valbonne-1

Normally the “boulistes”(bowls players) play the famous game “la pétanque” just in front of this chapel, but the other day the place was deserted. So I took the opportunity to grab a chair which happened to be conveniently placed there, and started sketching. What appealed to me were the very strong shadows onto the chapel façade, cast by the plane trees, with their amazing gnarled shapes .

Quaint old house in Antibes


I was happily sketching in front of this really interesting old house in Antibes when the lady who lives there came to see me.  She happens to be an American artist in residence and loves this quaint house. She told me it was a popular house to paint as she saw several times artists gathering around it. It is such a feast of different textures that I could not resist to have a go myself !