Angel of coolness for the 1st Summer day

angel of coolness

Yes it is water but not rain falling onto a statue of an angel…We have had so much rain recently that the sight of a cool fountain is something we can appreciate only now  with warm sunshine.At last real Summer has arrived on the Côte d’Azur and we can think of water as a refreshing sight !


Angel of patience

angel of patience watermarked

This angel is particularly strong and I feel it is waiting for something. Patience came  to mind as I was struggling to take a good picture of it so it was definitively a good name! I used a lot of texture in this painting and lines are a major element of design.

Butterfly and angel

butterfly and angel watermarked

The butterfly with its magnificent and yet short life, reminds us to enjoy the here and now.

I certainly enjoyed painting it. When I started to do the layers for the background, I saw the shape of and angel playing the trumpet appearing in the upper left hand corner. I accentuated its contour with watercolour crayons and added a few stars… Christmas is in the air !