From my sketchbook an unusual house in Québec

Tadoussac maison

A unusual house in Tadoussac, Québec caught my attention. I had to paint it in my sketchbook. Normally Tadoussac is known as a tourist destination because of the rugged beauty of the Saguenay fjord and its facilities for whale watching. I was lucky enough to spot several whales in fact they were white ones called belugas. I could see their tummy coming out of the water just like white clouds popping over the waves. Very exciting but not easy to paint so I opted for a house instead…


Quebec City, Château Frontenac


During my recent holidays in Quebec, I visited the glorious Quebec city which is a real jewel with wonderful architecture and grand views and parks. Although several of Quebec City’s buildings are taller, the landmark hotel “château Frontenac” is perched atop a tall cape overlooking the Saint Laurent River affording a spectacular view for several kilometers. The building is the most prominent feature of the Quebec City skyline as seen from across the Saint Laurent. I took a picture of the whole building without too many people crossing the park. I just left 2 tourists on the right to invite you into the scene…