A man and his horse watercolour and pencil sketch

Man and horse

A watercolour and pencil drawing from my sketchbook. I found an interesting quote about horses on the internet from an unknown author which illustrated perfectly my little sketch : “The earth would be nothing without the people but the man would be nothing without the horse”

Happy Easter


Little chicks hatching. I can’t think of a better symbol for new life and cheerfulness which are for me what Easter is about. I wish you a great celebration and for the young and not so young a succesful egg hunt!

Two blackbirds above cars in Valbonne.


If they are not having a bath like in my previous post I was inspired this time by 2 blackbirds up in the sky, perched on the winter trees in Valbonne. I liked the row of trees and cars for the perspective effect and as usual I took artistic licence to create a new brand of car , increased the size of the birds and put some colours to brightened up the scene.