Digital Hen

I created the background using lots of layers to achieve a feeling of depth and added a chicken wire for the pen…This hen is definitively at home in this colourful environment !

3 thoughts on “Digital Hen

  1. I love this one. Thank you for sharing it. I love your work, and I just happened by. Keep sharing your art. I love Roosters, and small animals in Art. I have painted in the past, to get over some hard times I was going through. It worked. Art is hard work, and therapy also. Smile.

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      1. I used to paint until I wondered what I was going to do with all these paintings. I put some down at our church to make a certain room look nice. It was a collection of 15 paintings that I had labored over. An Artist-type helped me put these up. My sisters were artists. I had no training, except for two years with my Father, and one series of lessons given to me because I needed more knowledge. My older sister gave me this as a gift. When the money ran out, I wasn’t going to this Artist for help any longer. Now I find that Art is just something I do when I feel like it. I have resumed a low profile, but I still love to paint, and this is in Acrylic.


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