Wedding at a fairytale castle

Mariage TJ

I had such fun painting this wedding portrait as the whole picture is like a fairytale.

I used 3 different pictures to obtain this landscape and put a lot of details in the middle ground to balance out the quiet foreground. I hope that this picture will be a great present to keep as a good memory of a fabulous day and most excitingly … I was there to witness the magic !


6 thoughts on “Wedding at a fairytale castle

  1. Merci Agnes c’est un magnifique cadeau , une très grande surprise au réveil. Merci de votre presence ( même si je n’ai pas pu passé beaucoup de temps avec vous ) je vais encadrer avec amour cette superbe aquarelle. Encore mille merciiiiii😍Ren et jean- marc

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  2. This is really beautiful Agnes! 🙂 I love the shadows yet again, the movement in the bride’s veil,and the deep contrasts in the overall image but especially the grass and the building.. gorgeous looking day truly encompassed by your painting! I hope your friend loves the painting 🙂


    1. Thank you RaeRae for your very kind comments My friend was very surprised and thrilled with the painting .She asked me if she could buy the scene which is below the castle : the Odet river with the stone wall and its iron fence.It was my turn to be thrilled!


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