Friends and and their 2 dogs at Café des Arcades Valbonne

2 dogs café des arcades

This is a commissioned painting as a farewell present for someone ‘s friend leaving Valbonne.

I went to the Cafe des Arcades as an incognito tourist taking pictures of the friend in question while she was having a drink at one of the tables. This friend did not know me so could not have guessed why I was around taking photos. It was such fun and exciting !

The painting will be a total surprise as a gift and will go to Australia!

I hope this sunny scene will trigger  happy memories  of some good time spent with friends in the buzzing village of Valbonne.

In the past year I have done other commissioned paintings one of which went to Singapore. I am so pleased that my watercolours find homes all over the world!



4 thoughts on “Friends and and their 2 dogs at Café des Arcades Valbonne

  1. I think something to point out in this particular painting is your wonderful use of shadow! Your palette is also very vibrant and textbook but just right for sketching on the field!! is this a pocket palette? Also spectacular perspective! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your very interesting and professional observations on my painting.The fact you gave me such compliments from an artistic point of view means a lot to me ! You are right I use a small Sennelier pan palette to limit the amount of paint with no more than 5 colours I would say .I want to keep a fresh overall sketch look…
      Thanks again👌🎨

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